Wheel Riser Ramps

The ‘Wheel Riser’ series ramps are the latest addition to the Climaxx Aluminium Ramp range.  As with all the Climaxx ramps, they are made from Aluminium, ensuring ease of positioning and transport.  These ramps are built for raising Heavy Vehicles off the ground for a variety of uses.

The ‘Wheel Riser’ series ramps are specifically designed for applications where access to the underside of heavy vehicles is either difficult or restricted.  The Climaxx ‘Wheel Riser’ Ramps are suited but not limited to the following applications.

  • Service Centres
  • Loading Docks
  • Heavy Vehicle Wash Bays
  • Heavy Vehicle Inspection Areas

The ‘Wheel Riser’ ramps are built to comply with the Australian Standard AS. 2640:2016. Released in 2016, this standard outlines stringent requirements in which portable ramps are to be designed and manufactured in accordance with.  This standard was released as a result of sub-standard products being used which resulted in fatal injuries.

With over 40 years of experience manufacturing Loading Ramp solutions, we have designed a safe and compliant product to meet the industry requirements.

WR Specs


Model A B C D Ramp Tread Width Overall Ramp Width
WR7522-40 1420 770 250 302 400 500
WR7522-60 1420 770 250 302 600 700
WR7536-60 1420 2170 250 302 600 700