About Us

Since 1976, beginning as a small welding and fabrication business, SureWeld has grown to become the recognised benchmark in Aluminium Loading Ramps and Aluminium Plant Trailers.

SureWeld first introduced the concept of Aluminium Loading Ramps to Australia in the early 1980s. Our product range continues to develop, keeping ahead of current market demands.

The standards of SureWeld products is exceptional. Ramp designs have been N.A.T.A tested and certified with outstanding results.

Qualified engineers, and sophisticated technology have been employed in the design of SureWeld Aluminium Plant Trailers to ensure safe and reliable products. Test results surpass expectations.

A SureWeld Aluminium Plant Trailer is an invaluable asset, making the transport of machinery safe and practical.

At SureWeld, customer service is of high importance. We service our customers through a network of dealers, whilst remaining available for technical advice and aftermarket support.

Reach Us

FREE CALL: 1800 787 005
EMAIL: marketing@sureweld.com.au
FAX: 03 5721 5077
POST: PO Box 1224 Wangaratta, Vic, 3676
DELIVERY: 17 Buckler Road North Wangaratta, Vic, 3678