Aluminium Loading Ramps

Climaxx Ramps – The Ultimate Aluminium Loading Ramps

Climaxx Aluminium Loading Ramps are essential when it comes to loading construction, agricultural and/or domestic machinery. The innovative design and durable build quality of these extremely lightweight ramps are second to none, and thus, the Climaxx range has become the industry leader in portable aluminium loading ramps.

The Climaxx ramp series consists of several different models each designed for a specific type of vehicle or piece of machinery. These different models include:

  • ATV Series – Our most popular ramp; ultra lightweight and exceptionally strong.
  • MOWER Series – With the same great design as the ATV series, the MOWER ramps are curved to allow the loading of vehicles and machinery with low clearance.
  • RUBBER Series – Truck loading ramps designed for use with vehicles and machinery that have pneumatic, air-filled, tyres.
  • TRACK series – Designed to load vehicles and machinery on steel tracks.
  • PT Series – Designed to load vehicles and machinery with rubber tracks.


Climaxx aluminium machinery ramps are available in a several different sizes, but they can also be custom-made to any size at your request.

To find out more about car loading ramps and loading ramps for utes, or enquire about having your own custom-built aluminum loading ramp, please feel free to contact us today!


After all, Quality Does Carry Weight!